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Mentorship Program

The IAP2 Canada Mentorship Program

Help shape the future of P2 through the IAP2 Canada Mentorship Program, where new P2 professionals (protégés) team up with seasoned P2 experts (mentors). This pairing is more than just guidance; it's a journey of shared wisdom, tailored advice, and insights into the dos and don'ts of the profession.

Join the IAP2 Canada Mentorship Program and be a part of a thriving P2 community – an enriching opportunity for both experienced practitioners and newcomers in the field of public participation (P2). 

Why Join as a Mentor?

  • Share Your Expertise: Your experience is invaluable. As a mentor, you have the unique opportunity to guide and inspire someone at the start of their P2 journey.
  • Expand Your Network: Connect with emerging professionals, bringing fresh perspectives to your professional circle.
  • Give Back to the Community: Play a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of P2 professionals, ensuring the continuity and evolution of our field.

Why Join as a Protégé?

  • Learn from the Best: Gain insights and practical advice from established P2 professionals.
  • Customized Guidance: Each mentoring relationship is unique. Together with your mentor, you'll develop a “Terms of Reference” that outlines your specific goals and expectations for the eight-month program.
  • Accelerate Your Career: Leverage this opportunity to enhance your skills, knowledge, and professional network.

The Mentorship Experience

Our program is designed to be flexible and adaptive to the needs of each mentor-protégé pair. You decide the structure, frequency, and content of your interactions over a 8 month period, ensuring a rewarding and productive experience for both parties.

Living the IAP2 Code of Ethics

By participating in this program, you are not just advancing your career or helping a fellow professional; you are embodying the spirit of IAP2's Code of Ethics, particularly in supporting the practice of public participation.

How to Join?

Ready to make a difference?

Apply to be a mentor 

  • CLOSED FOR APPLICATIONS: Read the role description and submit your application by December 05, 2023.

Apply to be a protégé

  • CLOSED FOR APPLICATIONS: Read the role description and submit your application by December 05, 2023. 
Please note that the Mentorship Program is open to members only. Not yet a member? Learn more about the benefits of joining IAP2 Canada.

2022-2023 by the numbers

  • In 2022-2023, 14 mentors and 14 protégés participated in the program
When asked about what they gained from participating in the mentorship program, respondents replied:
  • Making new connections - 87.5%
  • Sharing information and experiences - 75%
  • Learn about a different P2 practice or industry - 75%
  • See P2 from a different perspective - 50%
  • Learning to support my own P2 practice - 35.5%

What our participants had to say!

"Inspiring. Enriching. Supportive."

"It's been a joy to have someone who knows the P2 world support me in my academic and professional ventures."

"I really appreciated having the opportunity to receive advice, guidance and feedback from an IAP2 professional with lots of experience to share. It was nice having someone to bounce ideas off of. Thank you for this opportunity!"

"I feel lucky to have been paired with a mentor who has been generous with her time and wisdom. Our communication progressed from Skype calls to request-for-advice e-mails and a much-anticipated in-person meeting."

"The Mentorship Program provides a unique, no cost, opportunity for individuals seeking growth and development in this field and to consider their ongoing development with P2."

"Completing a Terms of Reference document at the beginning was great. We both knew what was expected of each other and we referred to our goals every time we met."

“I appreciated the opportunity to hear from a protégé who was interested in partnering with me specifically (based on the 'speed dating' intros during the first meeting and follow up correspondence). I think that helped make our relationship successful, because my protégé liked how I might approach the relationship and 'chose' me."

"We were able to share perspectives on career advice, successes and challenges. The program provided that set of ears for p2 and other aspects of life for the term. We will continue to chat post-Program as we made a connection!"

"Great program! An excellent learning opportunity for both mentors and protégés about how P2 is done in different industries."

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