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P2 Learning Pathway

Welcome to IAP2 Canada's Learning Pathway!

Are you passionate about making a difference in your community? Do you want to become a public participation (P2) and engagement champion, actively helping to shape the decisions that affect the lives of people around you? If so, you're in the right place! Explore IAP2 Canada's comprehensive Learning Pathway, which includes the IAP2 Global Learning Pathway, along with various other training options to help you excel in public participation and engagement. Our Learning Pathway is your gateway to acquiring the knowledge and skills you need to create meaningful change. 

At the core of IAP2 Canada's Learning Pathway is the Certificate in Public Participation. This certificate symbolizes your dedication to promoting public participation and engagement on a global scale.

We understand that your journey is unique. To cater to your individual interests and goals, we offer a wide range of additional training options. These allow you to tailor your learning experience to suit your specific path and aspirations. If you're not sure where to start your learning journey or have already taken Planning for Effective P2, take a look at our pathways below.

Preparatory Courses

(Level 1)

Global Learning Pathway

Core Training - Certificate in P2 (English):

  • Fundamentals of Public Participation and Engagement 
Core Training - Certificate in P2 (French):
  • Principes fondamentaux de la participation publique
  • Understanding People and Communities 
  • Understanding Conflict in Public Participation and Engagement

Additional IAP2 Canada Training

English Options

  • Facilitation Fundamentals for Public Engagement
  • Indigenous Awareness for Engagement Professionals
  • Stakeholder Mapping: Identifying and Analyzing Key Stakeholders, Focusing on Those Who Are Underrepresented

French Options

  • Explorons ensemble les techniques de participation publique préférées des citoyens!

Level 1 practitioners are:

  • new to the practice with some experience
  • contributing to the planning of public participation/ engagement processes
  • assisting in the implementation of those processes under supervision
  • working and communicating with teams to coordinate public participation/engagement activities that are not complex
  • referring upwards for advice on matters that are complex or featuring high emotion/conflict
  • allied professionals or technical staff needing to know the fundamentals of public participation/engagement and framework

Intermediate Courses

(Level 2)

Global Learning Pathway

Core Training - Certificate in P2 (English):

  • IAP2 Way in Challenging Contexts 
  • Designing Public Participation and Engagement
  • Applying Methods
Core Training - Certificate in P2 (French):
  • Planifier la participation et la mobilisation publique
  • Appliquer les méthodes


  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Public Participation and Engagement 
  • Transforming P2 & Engagement Culture
  • Making meaning in P2 & Engagement

Additional IAP2 Canada Training

English Options

  • Design Effective Hybrid Public Engagement Events
  • Designing Public Engagement for the Tired and Distracted
  • Engagement Methods for Indigenous Cultural Contexts
  • Indigenous Inclusion: Putting the TRC calls into action

French Options

  • En français : La consultation en mode hybride, la nouvelle norme? Un laboratoire humain!

Level 2 practitioners are:

  • leading the planning and implementation of public participation/engagement processes

  • managing key relationships for the public participation/ engagement processes, be able to troubleshoot, fix problems and implement change in processes as they are needed
  • working as a consultant in the sector leading the public participation/engagement processes
  • managing teams and planning operations where there is some risk and complexity

Advanced Courses

(Level 3)

Global Learning Pathway


  • Working with Conflict and High Emotions

Level 3 practitioners are:

  • leading the public participation/ engagement practice within their organization
  • managing complex engagement processes, with high emotion, high risk and controversy
  • experiencing significant breadth and depth of engagement experience
  • leading research that advances the engagement practice

Where to Start for Courses with Prerequisites?

Whether you're a seasoned P2 practitioner seeking to level up your skills or an early-career enthusiast eager to dive into the world of public participation and engagement, our the IAP2 Canada Global Learning Pathway is tailored to cater to learners of every level. Get ready to unlock your full potential! 

Standard Learning Pathway

If You've Previously Completed

Please note that those who have completed the entire or part of the IAP2 Foundation program will be required to watch a transition video at no cost following their registration. Please contact training@iap2canada.ca for more information or to request access to the video after you have registered.

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