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Learning Program in Indigenous Awareness 

About The Program

Do you want to improve Indigenous inclusion in your P2 practice? Are you interested in building on your experiences working with Indigenous communities to deepen understanding and advance reconciliation through community engagement?

One of the Indigenous Inclusion Action Plan activities is to develop a common foundation of understanding about the history and experiences of Indigenous Peoples in Canada within IAP2 Canada leadership, so that IAP2 Canada is better able to participate in reconciliation by advancing Indigenous inclusion within the organization and throughout the practice of P2 in Canada.

The program, which was co-created with an Indigenous Elder is a semi-structured, cohort-based learning program to help build awareness and understanding about the history and experiences of Indigenous Peoples in our country so they can better support Indigenous inclusion in their P2 and engagement practice. As a participant, you’ll be matched with a volunteer learning partner who has experience working with Indigenous communities and put in a cohort of no more than three people. Over the six-month duration of the program, you’ll work through four “assignments”, based on the traditional Medicine Wheel.

Deadline to register is December 12, 2022

Registration available for the 2023 Learning Program starting in January

Image credit: We acknowledge that the visual depiction of this model is based on the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, interpreted by the late Lloyd Ewenin, the Elder who guided the development of the program, and who followed Sioux teachings. We also acknowledge there are many different interpretations of the Medicine Wheel teachings, including different colours and associations.

Participant Testimonials

"Excellent framework for personal discovery and exploration. Safe environment to share. Final project with large group sharing was powerful."

"Loved this program and have shared with my colleagues."

"Thank you for providing the space and structure to focus on expanding my awareness and thinking about Indigenous issues and engagement in Canada."

"The small learning cohort was wonderful - the assignments called for us to be reflective which I appreciated - a very supportive learning experience - grateful for the opportunity to be part of the program."

"It was fabulous! Well-paced, supportive."

Indigenous Awareness Learning Resources

In support of the learning program, Indigenous Engagement CoP members developed the following list of suggested learning resources. If you have additional learning resources that you would like to suggest to help fellow P2 professionals build awareness and understanding about the history, experiences, and interests of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, please let us know.

Indigenous dancers - decorative image

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