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FAQs - Certificate in P2

Frequently Asked Questions

Why has the training changed?

The training has evolved in response to the feedback from our learners. Our commitment is to stay at the forefront of contemporary engagement practice. The enhanced curriculum aims to support the successful development, delivery, and leadership of authentic engagement processes for practitioners and organizations in the Canadian market.

What is new or different?

The updated courses incorporate emerging best practices including an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as a greater focus on evaluation. This aligns with our commitment to keep pace with the expanding engagement community, and incorporate new tools and improved processes.

Will there be other courses offered - if yes, what and when?

Yes, new courses to supplement Planning and Techniques will be rolled out in the months ahead. For details, please refer to our learning pathway.

I already have Planning and Techniques, do I need to take the new core courses?

Your learning journey is individual and depends on your specific requirements and experiences. You may choose to take new courses or refer to our learning pathway for other offerings.

Can I update without taking the new core courses?

If you have completed Planning and Techniques and wish to update your knowledge, new courses will be available to supplement your learning.

How do I obtain the Certificate in Public Participation under the new curriculum?

The IAP2 Certificate in Public Participation includes the following courses:

        • Course 1 (2 options): Fundamentals of P2 and Engagement (for beginners) OR IAP2 Ways in Challenging Contexts (for intermediate practitioners)
        • Course 2: Designing P2 and Engagement
        • Course 3: Applying Methods

Successful completion of these courses leads to the certificate in P2.

If I have only planning, what do I take to complete my certificate?

If you've completed the Planning course, watching a short video will bridge your knowledge before registering for other IAP2 courses. The logical supplement to the Planning course is Applying Methods.

Why are there prerequisites for training Levels 1 and 2?

The Fundamentals of P2 and Engagement course sets the stage for further training. It provides globally accepted foundations, concepts, and principles of authentic engagement.

How much do the new courses cost?

Please refer to our calendar of course offerings, which includes pricing details.

How much time will it take to complete the new courses?

Approximately 30 hours of training are required to complete the Certificate in Public Participation. The hours are broken down as follows:

      • Fundamentals of Public Participation and Engagement: 6 HRS
      • IAP2 Ways in Challenging Context: 6 HRS
      • Designing Public Participation and Engagement: 12 HRS
      • Applying Methods: 12 HRS

What makes up the Foundation certificate now? / Can I still take Planning and Techniques courses?

The Foundation certificate has been replaced by the Certificate in Public Participation. Planning for Effective P2 and Techniques for Effective P2 are no longer available.

When will the new courses be available for registration?

Registration for all modules of the Certificate in Public Participation training program is now open. Check out our event calendar for early bird rates.

Do I have to attend all modules / sessions for each course?

Yes, full attendance and active participation in all modules and sessions for each course is required to receive a Certificate of Completion.

What if I couldn't complete a course when it was offered?

If you missed a day of your course, you will need to complete the full two days of the new course. There will be no additional cost.

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