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Organizational Training

IAP2 Canada Organizational Training

Build engagement capacity across your team or organization

Are you eager to elevate engagement capabilities within your team or organization? Are you ready for a transformative journey that will take your team's capabilities to new heights? All of IAP2 Canada's training options from our learning pathway are available as in-house training, providing the ideal solution to empower your team from the comfort of your chosen location - either in-person or virtually.

Your team will unlock the secret to fostering meaningful connections with stakeholders and the public, making your projects shine like never before. But wait, there's more! As if that weren't enticing enough, many of our modules pave the way to obtaining our Certificate in Public Participation

Embark on this journey of growth, ignite their passion for public participation and engagement, and turn your team into a force of positive change!

Contact us today to start your journey!  View our training options

Why Choose In-House Training?

  1. Convenience: Choose your location and timing, subject to trainer availability, to meet your organizational needs.
  2. Delivery Options: Opt for in-person or virtual delivery via our engaging digital classroom.
  3. Customization & Flexibility: We'll work with you to tailor your training, embedding local case studies and applications to meet your specific requirements.
  4. Certified Training: Our modules count towards our Certificate in Public Participation, providing a valuable learning pathway.
  5. Expert Trainers: We offer a selection of highly qualified, experienced professionals from across Canada.
  6. Team Building: Foster a collaborative and engaging team environment.
  7. Cost-Effective: Save on travel and accommodation costs associated with public courses. Plus, members enjoy training discount rates.

To get started,

  • simply gather 15 or more team members (up to 25)
  • select the training module you are interested in and select a few date options
  • confirm if it’s virtual or in-person

Reach out to us for planning. Contact us via email at training@iap2canada.ca.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does IAP2 Canada offer training in-house? 

Yes we do

How many people do we need?

The training works best when you have a minimum of 15 participants. You can have a maximum of 25 participants for virtual and in-person training.

What modules are available in-house?

We offer our entire suite of modules in-house, including those from our Certificate in Public Participation and Leadership training programs. Please visit our learning pathway for our list of courses.

Where can we hold in-house training?

We offer our in-house training almost anywhere in Canada, delivered virtually or in-person

How much does in-house training cost compared to public training?

Depending on the number of participants, In-house training can be more cost-effective, especially when participants are IAP2 Canada members. Costs cover trainer fees, course materials, administrative support, and technology access for virtual delivery.

For in-person training there are additional costs for travel, accommodation, space rentals/AV and catering.

How do we get a proposal for in-house training?

Reach out to us via email at training@iap2canada.ca

Ready to revolutionize your team's engagement capabilities?

Contact us to get started!

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