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Become a Trainer

Become a Licensed Trainer with IAP2 Canada

IAP2 Canada celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion in our teams, reflecting the communities we serve. We're committed to providing high-quality, accessible training and professional development opportunities for public participation (P2) professionals. 

We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences.  IAP2 ensures that all applicants receive full and equitable consideration. Reasonable accommodations will be offered to ensure the full participation of candidates who are accepted into the program.

We also encourage applications from French-speaking candidates, recognizing the value of linguistic diversity within our organization. 

Join us as a licensed trainer to help foster a culture of public participation and engagement!

How to apply?

To apply to become an IAP2 Canada licensed trainer:

  1. Complete the IAP2 Canada Delivery Partner Application Form: Submit the form along with all supporting documentation.
  2. Pay the Program Application Fee: There is an administrative fee of $100 to apply to become a licensed trainer with IAP2 Canada. 
  3. Go through the IAP2 Canada Selection Process: You will be reviewed based on your experience and alignment with IAP2's core values.
  4. Course Completion: Take the course for which you want to be licensed. Note: For core courses and electives, prerequisites are the Fundamentals in P2 and Engagement and IAP2 Way in Challenging Context. 

The Licensing program is a professional training program that is an investment in your career. Program fees reflect the direct costs to ensure that skilled professional mentors are engaged to lead the journey. It is anticipated that fees can be recuperated within the first few years of training.


  • Please read the full instructions carefully before beginning the online application. We recommend creating a copy of the questions in Word or Google Docs and then pasting your answers into the online form.
  • There is an administrative fee of $100 to apply to become a licensed trainer with IAP2 Canada. You can complete the payment through this link.
  • For more information on IAP2 International’s Licensing Process and fees please visit their website. The assessment of Canadian applications will be conducted by IAP2 Canada’s Professional Development and Training Committee, responsible for identifying candidates eligible to proceed to IAP2 International for further review. IAP2 International will then confirm the candidate’s application to move forward in the process.

Apply to become a trainer today. The deadline for consideration for the April 2024 licensed trainer cohort is January 24, 2024.

Get started!

Role of IAP2 licensed trainers

IAP2 Canada is committed to providing high-quality, accessible training, and professional development opportunities. As a licensed trainer, you would uphold the values and standards of IAP2, maintaining its reputation for excellence in engagement.

You would also engage with the Global Learning Pathway, enhancing your understanding of participation processes and methodologies.

As a licensed trainer, your responsibilities include:

  • Delivering training within your region
  • Adhering to the License and Delivery agreements
  • Following the Trainer Code of Conduct
  • Submitting an annual training plan
  • Participating in quality assurance measures

Becoming an IAP2 Canada licensed trainer provides:

  • An opportunity to generate additional income
  • A platform to contribute to the development of P2 professionals
  • A chance to establish yourself as a leader in the field
  • Deep understanding of the Global Learning Pathway
  • Insight into best practices for adult teaching
  • Membership in a dynamic peer learning group

We welcome individuals who meet the following acceptance criteria:

  • Comfortable with online learning platforms
  • Completed relevant IAP2 courses
  • Prior experience in P2/Engagement or similar activities
  • Prior experience as an adult educator
  • Alignment with IAP2 Core Values and Code of Ethics
  • Express a clear intent to become an IAP2 Licensed Trainer

Licensing process and timeframe

    • Once selected by IAP2 Canada, you expression of interests will be shared with IAP2 International who will add you to the roaster for the next licensing cohort
    • Complete the Training Program with IAP2 International within a maximum time frame of 6 months
    • The program fees varies based on duration of the course you are planning to be licensed in

The following brochure provide details on IAP2 International licensing process, once a trainer has been successfully selected by IAP2 Canada.

Access the brochure

Responsibilities & commitments of a licensed Trainer

Once licensed, you are expected to:

  • Uphold the License Agreement and Delivery Agreement
  • Learn new content and curriculum
  • Participate in quality assurance measures
  • Deliver at least the equivalent of 5 days of training annually

Support & feedback channels

We offer robust support throughout the licensing process and beyond, including:

  • A Mentor program
  • Monthly trainer meetings
  • One-on-one meetings
  • Feedback surveys
  • Continuous learning opportunities

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