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Training & PD

Public Participation & Engagement Solutions

Learn how to take meaningful action toward real-life challenges in public participation and engagement, deliver results that matter, and implement transformational change that lasts.

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Increase engagement and inclusion for all people including racialized groups, Indigenous peoples, and other groups who are more likely to be overlooked, identifying a wide range of ideas, views and concerns.

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Drive impact with better decision-making that reflects public interests and values making it easier to communicate, implement, and understand the process, decisions, and impact.

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Build capacity for collaborative decision-making over the long term by improving relationships and increasing trust between decision-makers and the public.

Explore Our Solutions

Certificate in Public Participation

A next step on your path to becoming a P2 professional - built on best practices from around the globe.

Learning Pathway

Providing P2 champions, and those wanting to become P2 champions, with additional opportunities for level-based learning.

Indigenous Awareness Training

Build awareness and understanding about the history and experiences of Indigenous Peoples in our country to improve Indigenous inclusion in your P2 and engagement activities

North American Conference

Meet, connect and collaborate with a diverse community of P2 professionals, citizens, academics, and decision-makers from across North America.

Organizational Training

Create a culture of public participation and engagement through courses designed to support your organization’s development.

Leadership Training

Enhance decision-making with IAP2's Leadership Training. Tailored for leaders and allied professionals, these courses foster effective public participation and engagement. Develop vital skills for leadership and senior P2 roles.

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