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Communities of Practice

Indigenous Engagement Community of Practice

Discover a community dedicated to transforming public participation (P2) with Indigenous Peoples in Canada. IAP2 Canada's Indigenous Engagement Community of Practice is your gateway to advancing meaningful engagement.

Our Mission

We're a collective of P2 practitioners and Indigenous community members driven by a common purpose: to foster inclusion between Indigenous Peoples and the broader Canadian community. Our goal is to create a platform where meaningful engagement becomes a reality.

What We Offer

Join us every few months to immerse yourself in a world of shared stories, challenges, opportunities, and the wisdom that flows from our discussions. Our gatherings unite like-minded practitioners with Indigenous community members and invited guests from Indigenous organizations. Here, your voice matters, and your insights help shape the future of Indigenous engagement in Canada.

Be a Member of Change

As an IAP2 Canada member, you can play a crucial role in IAP2 Canada's Indigenous Inclusion Action Plan. This plan outlines our commitment to advancing Indigenous inclusion within our organization and the broader P2 practice in Canada. Your involvement propels us closer to our shared vision.

By becoming a member of our Community of Practice, you'll be part of a dynamic group that shares experiences, confronts challenges, and explores opportunities linked to meaningful Indigenous engagement in Canada. Moreover, you can take a leadership role in specific projects and initiatives championed by the IAP2 Canada Board, furthering the cause of meaningful engagement with Indigenous Peoples in Canada. 

Existing IAP2 Canada members can register for the meetings by accessing the events in the member zone. If you are not currently a member of IAP2 Canada and are interested in joining this CoP, please contact us at info@iap2canada.ca.

Indigenous Awareness Learning Resources

In support of the Indigenous Awareness for IAP2 Canada Leaders learning program, Indigenous Engagement CoP members developed the following list of suggested learning resources. If you have additional learning resources that you would like to suggest to help fellow P2 professionals build awareness and understanding about the history, experiences, and interests of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, please Let us know.

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