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Communities of Practice

North American Energy Sector Community of Practice

Community Engagement process - photo of group talking

IAP2’s North American Energy Sector Community of Practice (CoP) is a community of P2 practitioners and members of energy communities throughout North America who are committed to advancing meaningful engagement throughout the energy sector.

The CoP has four meetings each year, open to anyone with an interest in the energy sector, such as public participation (P2) professionals who are directly employed by an energy company, regulators, consultants, or academics. Each meeting is based around a specific topic that’s chosen in advance, and CoP members take turns facilitating discussion. Learn more about the IAP2's N

Topics that have been explored at past meetings include:

  • Energy workers doing land surveyThe future of P2/engagement in energy projects in Canada and the USA
  • Online engagement in the energy sector
  • Tracking feedback and how it informs decision-making in the energy sector
  • Security issues in public meetings
  • Politics and addressing political aspects of energy projects
  • Lessons learned - failed P2 efforts
  • Community development programs

The CoP includes members from across North America working in diverse parts of the energy sector, including power, oil & gas, renewables, transmission, mid-stream, and processing.

Become a Community of Practice Energy Member

As a CoP Energy member you will have an interest in P2 in the North American energy sector. You will be a part of a group who share experiences, challenges and opportunities related to meaningful energy sector engagement in Canada and the USA. Please consult our one-pager infographic explaining the Energy CoP (2021).

If you’re an IAP2 Canada member who has an interest in the energy sector and would like to join the CoP, please send us an email to get more information.  

Join us on LinkedIn: IAP2 North American Energy Sector Community of Practice: Unlisted group – Need to receive an invite (ask us!). 

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