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Mentorship Program

The IAP2 Canada Mentorship Program

The IAP2 Canada Mentorship Program connects those new to the P2 profession (protégés) with experienced P2 practitioners (mentors), who provide a sounding board, advice and general wisdom on best practices and potential pitfalls. The form of the mentoring relationship is determined by the individual pairings, developing their own “Terms of Reference” and framework for the nine-month program.

This program, described by one participant as a "unique, no cost, opportunity for individuals seeking growth and development in this field", not only provides additional learning and professional development opportunities for those new to the field, but also offers practitioners the opportunity to live part of IAP2's Code of Ethics: "Support of the Practice".

Application Process

Interested in being a mentor?
Read the role description and application form

Interested in being a protégé? 

Read the role description and application form

Participant Testimonials

Feedback from our previous cycles has been undeniably positive from mentors and protégés alike:

  • I feel lucky to have been paired with a mentor who has been generous with her time and wisdom. Our communication progressed from Skype calls to (desperate?) request-for-advice e-mails and a much-anticipated in-person meeting.
  • It's been a joy to have someone who knows the P2 world support me in my academic and professional ventures.
  • I really appreciated having the opportunity to receive advice, guidance and feedback from an IAP2 professional with lots of experience to share. It was nice having someone to bounce ideas off of. Thank you for this opportunity!
  • Inspiring. Enriching. Supportive.
  • The Mentorship Program provides a unique, no cost, opportunity for individuals seeking growth and development in this field and to consider their ongoing development with P2.
  • Participating in the IAP2 mentorship program is a great way to get to know other practitioners and learn about what is happening in other parts of Canada. It provides a great opportunity to share P2 experiences, discuss P2 challenges and learn from each other - all based on the interests of the participants.
  • We were able to share perspectives on career advice, successes and challenges. The program provided that set of ears for p2 and other aspects of life for the term. We will continue to chat post-Program as we made a connection!
  • Great program! An excellent learning opportunity for both mentors and protégés about how P2 is done in different industries.
  • Completing a Terms of Reference document at the beginning was great. We both knew what was expected of each other and we referred to our goals every time we met.

Please note that the Mentorship Program is open to members only.

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