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Our Chapters

IAP2 Canada Chapters

Join the vibrant community at IAP2 Canada and unlock the power of collaboration and shared knowledge! Our chapters, the core of our organization, offer an unmissable benefit for our members.

Whether you're a seasoned expert or new to public participation, our nationwide network of chapters is your go-to resource. With an IAP2 Canada membership, you get exclusive access to a treasure trove of opportunities that enrich your professional experience.

Explore the benefits of IAP2 Canada chapters and see how they can elevate your career journey. Join us today!

Each chapter has its own Board of Directors to plan and organize local events, activities and professional development opportunities. Note: The content for each chapter page is displayed in the language in which the chapter operates.

Currently, efforts are underway to develop an eighth Chapter, Yukon/North, for public participation practitioners (and those with an interest in the practice) who live or whose business takes them to Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut.

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Establishing new chapters

A new chapter may be established any region in the country currently not represented in a chapter and where there are approximately 25 members interested in forming a chapter. Emerging chapters must sign a Letter of Intent to show their interest and work toward becoming established within a two-year time frame.

Chapters are eligible for grants from IAP2 Canada to support their activities. Emerging chapters can apply for a chapter development grant and both emerging and existing chapters can apply for a special event grant for activities they undertake to benefit members in their region.

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