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Fundamentals of P2 and Engagement - Hosted by Engage Delaney

  • 09 Sep 2024
  • 12:30 PM
  • 10 Sep 2024
  • 3:30 PM

Prerequisite for Designing P2 and Engagement and Applying Methods (for Level 1 practitioners) - IAP2 Canada Certificate in Public Participation. 
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The focus of this course is on understanding and applying the practices of meaningful and effective public participation (P2). The training explores principles, concepts, and best practices, and how to design and apply this knowledge to your public participation and engagement work.

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Course Objectives: 

By the end of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • Define public participation and engagement and related terms and what makes it unique
  • Identify what makes public participation and engagement meaningful 
  • Reflect on the benefits, risks and myths related to public participation and engagement
  • Identify and discuss IAP2 five core foundations in their application to public participation and engagement work 
  • Identify the role that values (seven core values) play in public participation and engagement work and the leadership attributes that will serve them as they practice 
  • Understand the IAP2 Spectrum of public Participation and rationale for the increasing intensity as decision impacts  
  • Reflect on and apply ethical leadership actions and abilities to public participation and engagement situations 
  • Apply the Profiles of public participation and engagement model to public participation and engagement and explore organization-led and community-led engagement and how that impacts the engagement process 
  • Reflect on and apply the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion and explore the role of power and influence and its impacts on the approach to public participation and engagement
  • Apply the IAP2 spectrum to public participation and engagement situations and practice 
  • Explore the Practice Framework (design, plan, implement, learn) as a tool for effective planning and process, and assess the quality of the process  

Target Audience: 

  • New practitioners beginning their journey in engagement 
  • Anyone working in the field or a related field who wants to understand and apply the fundamentals of meaningful and effective public participation and engagement practice

Course Delivery:

This is an IAP2 Canada core training course delivered externally by a IAP2 licensed trainer.

This is a six-hour, trainer-led Engage Delaney virtual course. Zoom and Google Suites (digital workbook used for exercises and provided at completion) are used, in addition to other applications, to make this a highly interactive and skills-based session. There are two, three-hour sessions over two consecutive days. Each daily session runs 9:30 – 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time; 12:30 – 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time


There is no prerequisite.


$395.00 + applicable tax - Engage Delaney is offering a $100 bundle discount when you book the three IAP2 Certificate courses (Fundamentals of P2, Designing P2, and Applying Methods) with us. You can select the courses in a given 12-month period but must pay for all three courses at the same time.

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Our Licensed Trainers:

Kristi Merilees is an experienced public engagement and communications professional with over 20 years' experience working in municipal government and public sector environments.

Kristi is a senior engagement, and communications director with Engage Delaney and has vast experience in detailed engagement planning, client relations and project leadership and facilitation. She has planned, implemented, and reported on over 45 comprehensive engagements using both in-person and virtual engagement techniques for various sectors including government, industry, healthcare, and transportation. Kristi is skilled at collaborating and engaging seldom heard voices to create shared understanding and brings experience in professional communications and a collaborative facilitation style. Key experience includes detailed engagement planning, virtual and in-person facilitation of focus groups, workshops and other engagements, training, client relations, logistics, research, report writing, and the development of communications plans and products.

Learn more at http://www.rmdelaney.com/

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