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Certificate in Public Participation Training Program - Bundle for Level 2 Practitioners (Online / In-Person, Nanaimo, BC) (Shaw & Topolnisky)

  • 03 Apr 2024
  • 02 May 2024

Based on IAP2's internationally recognized Global Learning Pathway, this professional development certificate program builds on the foundations of public participation training and best practices from around the globe to provide participants with approximately 30 hours of effective training in public participation and engagement. 

IAP2 Canada's Certificate in Public Participation (P2) for intermediate (Level 2) participants consists of 3 core courses:

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1. Fundamentals of Public Participation & Engagement (7 hours; Level 1) with Gay Robinson and Amelia Shaw

This course focuses on understanding and applying the practices of meaningful and effective public participation. The training explores principles, concepts and best practices, and how to design and apply this knowledge to your public participation and engagement work or,

1. IAP2 Way in Challenging Contexts (7 hours, Level 2) -Online

This module covers the fundamental models and frameworks of public participation and engagement practice as defined by the IAP2 community. Specifically in terms of what it is, who is involved, standards of practice, and why it is important to be practiced ethically and effectively.

2. Designing Public Participation & Engagement (14 hours, Level 2) - In-Person

In this module, practitioners have the opportunity to develop public participation and engagement practice plans. This includes scoping, community mapping, determining purpose and objectives and levels of influence, choosing appropriate methods and managing resources, while considering the needs of diverse audiences. 

3. Applying Methods (14 hours, Level 2) - In-Person

The focus of this course is on exploring a variety of methods used in implementing public participation and engagement. Participants will learn to select, assess and create effective elements of methods to work meaningfully with participants.

Course Delivery:

This course is delivered in person in Ottawa, ONThis is an IAP2 Canada core training course delivered externally by a IAP2 licensed trainer.


$1,970.00 + applicable tax,

Our Licensed Trainers:

Amelia Shaw, Amelia is an award-winning consultation strategist, practitioner, professional facilitator and capacity builder. Over the past twenty-plus years Amelia has been successfully involved in the development of major policies, projects and plans from strategic design, to initiating and facilitating inclusive processes, and implementation. She has worked with governments, public organizations, nonprofits and private companies in multiple sectors including community development, education, governance, labour, land-use planning, transit and transportation. Her ultimate goal, with any P2 project/process, is to find an innovative approach that supports both community and organizational values and objectives and leads to helpful deliverables and a positive outcome. Her solutions have earned international recognition, including an IAP2 Core Values Award for Innovation

Tannis Topolnisky, CP3 has eighteen years of public engagement experience and has been a licensed trainer of the IAP2 Foundations and IAP2 for Decision Makers courses since 2011. She has worked in a variety of areas such as legislation, policy and program development, health, contaminated sites, heritage conservation, municipal budgeting, land use planning, affordable housing, education and more. Tannis has diverse experience engaging communities, interest groups, non-government organizations, professional and industry associations, academics, patient groups and Indigenous peoples. She often finds herself planning and facilitating projects where there are potential impacts to health, livelihood, relationships, community and quality of life.

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