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Our Board

Terry Koch

Treasurer / Trésorière

British Columbia / Colombie Britannique

My vision of meaningful engagement is directly aligned with IAP2 Canada's guiding principles: inclusive - I respectfully embrace diversity in demographics, geography, language and all abilities and cultures; being proactive - I apply P2 research and promote/enact best practices; passion - I care deeply about great P2; collaboration - I aspire to achieve results in partnership with clients, key stakeholders and the general public; creativity - I strive to be innovative in the work that I do. Regarding where the field is going, I see tremendous opportunities for practitioners to lead and facilitate productive dialogue towards overcoming this current pandemic and future crises.

I would combine my long standing IAP2 membership and volunteer work with my passion and interests to expand the influence and reach of our organization. I have attended 18 IAP2 conferences in 4 different countries and have helped organize and/or attended numerous chapter gatherings. I took on the of Logistics Chair during the last time the International Conference was held in Banff (November 1999). I am especially interested in enhancing the financial resilience of IAP2 Canada and the chapters. Furthermore, I would work to attract new members, especially those under 30 to join the IAP2 movement.

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