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Learning Pathway

Auditing Your Organization for P2 Success

Is your organization trying to create a culture of public engagement? This action-oriented course is for organizations that have committed to ethical and inclusive P2 and are ready to critically examine their policies, practices, proficiencies, and performance -- what’s in place, where the gaps are, what you can learn from others -- and then plan actions to fully realize those P2 commitments.

Through guided small-group exercises and robust discussions, participants learn and practice using a collaborative online P2 Audit Tool with Assessment and Action Planning elements. This comprehensive tool frames the key issues, highlights best practices, embeds critical questions, and guides the audit process. Based on assessment results, participants use the embedded Action Planning element to identify responsive and organization-specific actions for agreed-upon P2 priorities.

Contact us for details on how to bring this training in-house to your organization virtually or in-person through our Licensed Trainers.

Learning Objectives

Participants leave ready to work with their in-house teams to:

  • Audit their organization’s P2 infrastructure by examining policies, professional practices, proficiencies and resources, and performance

  • Develop a prioritized Action Plan to upgrade their organization’s P2 infrastructure

  • Use the practical tools, template, guidance, and resources provided in the course to lead their organization through the Audit and Action Planning process

    Who should take this course?

    Those responsible for the range of functions within the organization that have a substantive relationship to P2, or for projects on which the organization engages external stakeholders (project and organizational planning, policy or rule making, infrastructure); those in communications/media, decision-making, partnership or volunteer management, client or customer support, research and evaluation, and similar roles.

    It is recommended that multiple people within each sub-area attend the course, because they need to work together on the assessment, action plan, and implementation.


    • Virtual. In person training is available for organizations. Contact us to learn more.
    • Number of Participants: Up to 20 participants
    • Includes: 2 sessions, 7.5 hours of training (4hr + 3.5 hr) AND 3 hours of coaching virtually

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