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P2 Resources

Welcome to the IAP2 Canada Resources Page

At IAP2 Canada, we are committed to promoting and advancing the practice of public participation (P2) and engagement across the country. To support our mission, we have curated a collection of valuable resources for public participation professionals, community members, decision makers, and anyone interested in the field of P2.

Explore the following categories of resources to enhance your understanding and expertise in public participation:

IAP2 Canada Research & Reports

The IAP2 Canada Research Committee works to help members better understand current public participation activities in Canada. Various engagement efforts with members found a need to increase access to research journals, training (including workshops) and training manuals; and to develop mechanisms for knowledge transfer among cross-disciplinary organizations.

Their research is focused on identifying trends, best practices and areas of innovation, as well as evaluating current research and publications for the purpose of identifying opportunities for partnership and collaboration. 

Original Research Papers Commissioned by the Committee

With a focus on specific recommendations for P2 Practitioners, Research Papers are the subject of webinars. (estimated reading time: 15-20 minutes)

Survey-based Insights About P2 Practice and Practitioners

Drawing themes from State of Practice and (IAP2 Member) Community Surveys, Insights describe P2 practice and practitioner perspectives. (estimated reading time: 3-5 minutes)

Reviews of Existing Research

Short summaries of research publications worthy of sharing with P2 Practitioners. (estimated reading time: 1-2 minutes)

Collaborative Research

Simon Fraser University Morris J. Wosk Centre For Dialogue - Beyond Inclusion: Equity in Public Engagement - A Guide for Practitioners

Indigenous Awareness Resources

Step into the vibrant world of Indigenous Engagement with a carefully curated collection of learning resources, thoughtfully assembled by the passionate members of the Indigenous Engagement Community of Practice. These resources are your portal to a deeper understanding of Indigenous perspectives, culture, and engagement practices. Keep in mind that while these resources are here to enlighten and inspire, they do not carry the official endorsement of IAP2 Canada. 

If you have additional learning resources that you would like to suggest to help fellow P2 professionals build awareness and understanding about the history, experiences, and interests of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, please let us know.

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