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Kim Hyshka, CP3


Kim Hyshka, CP3 is a believer that just about anything is possible with a little dialogue. She’s on a mission, to chart a different course for public conversations, better conversations that open possibility, cultivate collaboration and spark change through dialogue. With over 10 years working in the field of engagement, she has developed a passion for designing and facilitating conversations that matter and creating engagement experiences where participants feel valued, relationships are built and initiatives and projects move forward. You’ll find her in the midst of both large and small-scale projects, bringing experience facilitating community forums in large urban centers or walking pipelines with Elders in the remote wilderness.

Kim sees each engagement project as a new opportunity to create, design and implement unique processes and programs that allow stakeholders to actively engage in dialogue where they build new connections and relationships. These relationships are the foundation on which new ideas, joint efforts and collaboratives are built upon and succeed in implementation.

Watch this short video to see Kim in action!

Kim Hyshka, CP3


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