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Amanda Kaiser, CP3


Based in Calgary, AB, Amanda has been developing and implementing strategic and creative stakeholder engagement and communication strategies, activities and materials for over 13 years. As a trusted advisor and highly skilled and trained engagement practitioner, she develops and executes engagement strategies, techniques and materials and facilitates stakeholder and public discussions with varying levels of contention, emotion and outrage and complexities. Amanda collaborates with a multitude of clients to lead, manage and support engagement strategies for transportation, water, land use and planning projects of various sizes across Western Canada.

Amanda’s dedication and passion to the profession is made apparent through her high quality of design and implementation of award-winning engagement initiatives, leading and mentorship of strong public engagement professionals and volunteering commitment to share her vision and expertise with other IAP2 members on the IAP2 Wild Rose board. Amanda’s expertise is complimented by her achievements as a Certified Public Participation Professional (CP3), certificate as an Adult Educator and completion of all IAP2 training, and most significantly, her leadership on award winning engagement initiatives (Crowchild Trail Study, recipient of 7 awards - 2 IAP2 Canada awards and 5 IABC awards).

Amanda Kaiser


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