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CP3 Program Overview

Overview of the CP3 Designation Program

Our vision for the CP3 Designation Program is to establish it as a foundational benchmark in public participation and engagement. We aim to set a worldwide standard, providing professionals with the essential skills, knowledge, and ethical understanding required to effectively design, plan, and implement public participation and engagement.

By pursuing excellence and continuous improvement, the program aims to foster a community of professionals who are committed to shaping transformational change that is inclusive, transparent, and impactful.

Through rigorous training, practical experience, and adherence to high ethical standards, CP3 designation holders are envisioned to lead the way in bridging gaps between communities, governments, and organizations, ensuring that all voices are heard and valued in the decision-making process. This forward-looking vision is dedicated to enhancing democratic processes and contributing positively to societies worldwide by empowering professionals to manage and implement effective public participation and engagement strategies.

How do I apply and access key document for the CP3 Designation Program?

Key documents for the IAP2 Canada CP3 Designation Program

    Key documents for the IAP2 Canada MCP3 Designation Program

    (available to CP3s only)

    If you are interested in applying for the MCP3 designation, contact us at certification@iap2canada.ca. Please visit our Key Dates page to

    learn more about cohort timelines and application deadlines for the CP3 Designation Program.

    How comprehensive is the process to become a CP3?

    At IAP2 Canada, our CP3 program is crafted to meet international standards of excellence. Developed in partnership with organizations in the United States and Southern Africa, the program is tailored to meet the diverse needs and contexts of each country. This ensures the CP3 remains relevant, accessible, and effective worldwide, contributing to a unified but diverse community of public participation professionals.

    As an internationally recognized credential, the CP3 designation aligns with the training, core competencies, and assessment criteria used by IAP2 organizations in the US and Southern Africa. This alignment ensures our program meets regional standards and supports the international growth and recognition of the CP3 designation.

    Learn more about the CP3 assessment process in this webinar!

    What is the process?

    The CP3 process consists of:

    A PDF version of this diagram is also available for download.

    Are there different levels of CP3s?

    There are two levels of CP3 designation; Certified Public Participation Professional (CP3) and Master Certified Public Participation Professional (MCP3), each level has different criteria and quality standards. The CP3‐level criteria are those which are indispensable to every public participation professional. The MCP3‐level criteria are additional skills and proficiencies attained by highly qualified and experienced practitioners. It is important to note that individuals MUST have their CP3 designation before applying for the MCP3 designation.

    What is the cost of the CP3 designation program?

    The total cost of going through the CP3 designation process is $2,500 and includes:

      • $250 – Application review
      • $450 – Case Study review
      • $1,800 – CP3 Assessment Centre

    All fees are in Canadian dollars.

    What is the difference between the IAP2 Canada Certificate in P2 and the IAP2 Canada Designation Program (formerly known as the Certification Program)?

    IAP2 Canada Certificate in P2

    The IAP2 Canada Certificate in Public Participation (P2) is awarded to individuals who complete the 5-day training course, previously known as the Foundations in Effective Public Participation. This certificate serves as a formal acknowledgment of the foundational knowledge gained in public engagement. Completion of this certificate is a prerequisite for applying to the IAP2 Canada CP3 Designation Program.

    IAP2 Canada Designation Program 

    The IAP2 Canada CP3 Designation Program is a professional advancement path that involves a rigorous and independent assessment process to evaluate whether an individual meets industry-defined standards. This program assesses candidates against core competencies essential for effective public participation. Successful candidates earn the designation of Certified Public Participation Professionals (CP3s), recognizing their expertise and competence in the field.

    These distinctions highlight the progression from acquiring training and knowledge in public participation (Certificate in P2) to achieving professional recognition and validation of one's competencies through the CP3 Designation Program.

    What is the Process to maintain a CP3 designation?

    There are both ongoing and periodic requirements for maintaining a CP3 designation.

    Annual requirements

    On an annual basis a CP3 must:

      • Remain a member in good standing in IAP2 Canada or another IAP2 affiliate.
      • Provide a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer (unpaid) service to IAP2 on an annual basis. Eligible activities include leadership positions at the IAP2 Federation, affiliate or chapter level, service on IAP2 committees, participation in the Mentorship Program, development of case studies for use in the Designation Program, authoring articles for newsletters, leadership of an IAP2 sponsored webinar or conference session, etc.
      • Participate in a minimum of 12 hours of professional development hours related to the P2 Core Competencies annually. Eligible activities include attendance at webinars, conference sessions, academic courses, training classes, etc. Visit IAP2 Canada’s events calendar to view upcoming training and professional development opportunities that may be of interest.

    Periodic requirements

    Every three years certified professionals must go through a re-certification process to maintain their CP3 designation. To do this, CP3s and MCP3s must submit a Re-certification Application for review by an Assessor, including a recent work example and professional goals. The fee to renew a CP3 designation is $250 CAD.

    For More Information

    If you have specific questions or need assistance, our dedicated team is here to help you navigate your path to becoming a Certified Public Participation Professional.

    For further details about the CP3 program and how to apply, contact us directly at certification@iap2canada.ca for personal guidance and additional resources.

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