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2020 State of Practice Survey

The Research Committee’s 2020 State of Practice Survey results will be presented in bite-sized information and graphics over the next several months. This is the first info bite. 

P2 Research and Practice Emerge Pandemic-Proof

As world leaders begin to talk about a future transition to normalcy, we reflect on the impact COVID-19 has had on P2 practice in Canada. Last fall, while still in the thick of lockdowns, waves, ‘pivots’, and other things pandemic, IAP2 Canada reached out to P2 practitioners with the bi-annual State of the Practice survey.  We asked you how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic impacted your work - and you spoke up with courageous optimism.  What you said is not surprising: P2 research and practice has been pandemic-resilient!

First and foremost, the majority of survey respondents are optimistic about the future of P2 despite the ongoing pandemic. Practitioners believe that COVID-19 has had a significant and lasting impact on their P2 work, including driving them towards using more virtual and digital engagement tools. They agree that this shift is here to stay.   

On the flip-side, one in ten survey respondents agree that COVID-19 has financially impacted their P2 work and one-fifth believe that there has been a decline in the quality of P2 work as a result of the pandemic. Learn more.

Upcoming Research

IAP2 Canada continues to examine the trends affecting P2 practice across the nation. IAP2 sponsored research by authors Stephanie Yates and Hugo Mimee into COVID-19 and Its Impact on the Field and Practice of Public Participation. This paper builds understanding of remote participatory approaches in our new virtual and digital practice. Watch for the release in September.

Also coming up:

  • Research Paper update - Digital Engagement, Social Media & Public Participation - Addendum to be released in summer 2021. 
  • This summer: the next edition of Scope of Practice Survey 2020 results.

The IAP2 Canada Research Committee

The IAP2 Canada Research Committee works to help members better understand current public participation activities in Canada. Various engagement efforts with members found a need to increase access to research journals, training (including workshops) and training manuals; and to develop mechanisms for knowledge transfer among cross-disciplinary organizations.

Research is focused on identifying trends, best practices and areas of innovation, as well as evaluating current research and publications for the purpose of identifying opportunities for partnership and collaboration. The State of the Practice survey reports helped guide the development of the IAP2 Canada Strategic Plan.

The Committee has also commissioned and published five Research Papers, which are available for downloading:

Among the Research Committee's other activities include "TLDR" (Too Long - Didn't Read), summaries of P2-related articles and papers, which appear from time to time in the semi-monthly IAP2 Canada newsletter or eblasts.

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