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2023 Core Value Awards

Meet Our 2023 Core Values Award Recipients

Indigenous Engagement Award AND Project of the Year Award

Sea2City Design Challenge, City of Vancouver

Sea2City Design Challenge was awarded the prestigious Indigenous Engagement Award for its groundbreaking approach to collaborative planning and design on Vancouver's False Creek shoreline. Led by the City of Vancouver, this 12-month competition sought to address the challenges posed by rising sea levels, urban development, ecological revitalization, and decolonization and reconciliation with Host Nations.

What set Sea2City apart was its commitment to Indigenous engagement. Indigenous knowledge keepers and designers were actively involved, marking the first time in Canada that a competition model was used for such a planning and adaptation initiative. The project incorporated comprehensive public engagement efforts, including public learning sessions, decolonization workshops, and reflection sessions with advisory groups and design teams, ensuring broad participation and diverse voices.

Sea2City exemplifies the spirit of Indigenous engagement, fostering meaningful relationships with Indigenous Peoples and communities and setting a high standard for future projects of this nature.

This project has been shared with IAP2 International and will be considered alongside projects from IAP2 affiliates around the world for an IAP2 International 2023 Core Value Award.

Respect for Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture Award

Diverse Engagement on Ottawa's Waste Management Planning, City of Ottawa and Hill+Knowlton Strategies

The City of Ottawa and Hill+Knowlton Strategies have been recognized with the Respect for Diversity, Inclusion and Culture Award for their exceptional efforts in engaging the community on Ottawa's Waste Management Planning. With over a million residents to serve and a pressing need for a sustainable waste management plan, this project was vital.

The City of Ottawa employed diverse engagement tactics, including honoraria for equity-seeking community members, multilingual content, focus groups with underrepresented communities, and the use of a paid sample. Their commitment to hearing a wide variety of voices ensured an inclusive and comprehensive waste management plan. By actively listening to its residents and stakeholders, the city is forging a path towards a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future for waste management.

Visual Engagement Award

City Plan - Nanaimo ReImagined, City of Nanaimo

City Plan - Nanaimo ReImagined earns recognition in the Visual Engagement category for its innovative approach to community engagement. Unifying traditionally separate documents to serve as Nanaimo’s Official Community Plan, this project achieved record-breaking community response rates, engaging new voices and employing diverse outreach strategies. It showcased the power of visual engagement and creative communication in making public participation truly meaningful.

Most importantly, this initiative addressed participation gaps, ensuring that diverse perspectives were heard and reconciliation outcomes were prioritized. The result? A passionate community actively contributing to a vision that reflects their desires and values, setting the stage for a brighter and more inclusive Nanaimo.

Extending the Practice through Creativity, Contribution, and Innovation in the Field Award

Engagement in Mental Health and Substance Use: A Pilot Study, Mental Health Commission of Canada

The Mental Health Commission of Canada has been acknowledged for its pioneering work in engagement within the mental health and substance use health sector. Through an innovative pilot project, they have paved the way for meaningful collaboration with people with lived experience. Their standardized framework promises to revolutionize engagement strategies across the sector, emphasizing the collaborative nature of public participation.

Honourable Mention: Extending the Practice through Creativity, Contribution, and Innovation in the Field Award

Growing Together: The City of Kitchener

This project addresses the increased demand for new housing around Kitchener's light rail transit system and aims to meet various growth, density, housing, and environmental targets. The key objective is to ensure that community engagement outcomes align with policy goals, giving community feedback significant importance.

Their innovative approach involved a room-sized, 3D printed physical model of the city, which provides a unique way to bring the city to life and visualize possibilities. Interactive workshops allowed participants to have a hands-on experience, fostering collaborative discussions about growth and change. This approach encouraged direct engagement with the city's fabric and uses practical building scenarios, making the results directly applicable to policy, regulation, and design considerations.

Honourable Mention: Extending the Practice through Creativity, Contribution, and Innovation in the Field Award

Food for Feedback: City of Burlington

The City of Burlington's Corporate Communications and Engagement division deserves recognition for its innovative "Food for Feedback" initiative. This project cleverly combines city projects in need of resident input with the universal appeal of food. By offering free meals from food trucks in exchange for feedback, this approach not only encourages participation but also fosters community connection. It's a brilliant example of community engagement and celebration, embodying the idea that "if you feed people, they will come."

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IAP2 Canada Core Values Awards are an annual recognition presents honouring the “best of the best” in public engagement. The awards go to projects best demonstrating IAP2's Core Values, helping to raise the bar in the field of public engagement.

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