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Congratulations 2017 Core Values Award Winners!

The 2017 IAP2 Canada Core Values Awards were presented September 7 in conjunction with the IAP2 North American Conference in Denver, Colorado. Please take some time and review the award applications and watch the videos; you might find some inspiration, new ideas and even the key to an award-winning project of your own!

Winners of the IAP2 Core Values Awards from Canada and the United States

Organization of the Year

City of Burlington, Ontario
Community Engagement: Making it Part of Our Culture

Michelle Dwyer of the City of Burlington,

with IAP2 Canada president Bruce Gilbert

What the judges said ...

  • "How to make P2 a part of everyday practice in the city of Burlington, through the Burlington Community Engagement Charter adopted in April 2013. Engagement was included as a strategic direction in 2016 Strategic Plan."
  • "Employees now ask how to engage -- not whether."
  • "Engagement is part of the annual budget, has a dedicated, full-time staff person, and communications personnel promote and coach on P2."
  • "Demonstrates an organizational long-term commitment to P2, beginning in 2013 and now enshrined in the 25-year Strategic Plan."


Project of the Year (and Extending the Practice through Creativity, Contribution and Innovation in the Field)

City of Calgary
Crowchild Trail Study

The City of Calgary's Engagement team,

with consultants from ISL Engineering and Russell PR

What the judges said ...

  • " ... upholds all of the Core Values and embeds them in future transportation study processes and the application demonstrates this clearly."
  • " ... large numbers of participants, input on designing engagement, mix of engagement methods and information approaches, significant focus on iterative use of input, recommendations to Council, complex issue ... transparency and P2 in winnowing down the ideas to action."
  • The first attempt [to make a plan for the Crowchild Trail] at this consisted of presenting completed studies to the public for feedback and was met with skepticism and distrust. The first study was paused for the development of a Transportation Corridor Study Policy that included an engagement process. The role of the public was identified as “consult” throughout the 6 phases of the study, but was “collaborate” at times.
  • The six phases were designed to reach out to specific target populations ... for example, property owners who would be impacted by recommendations right to the emergency responders would use the corridor.


-- Watch the video here --


Indigenous Engagement

Liard Aboriginal Women's Society (LAWS) + Beringia Community Planning
Youth for Safety

(L-R) Facilitator Julie Laliberte, Elder Fannie Vance, Consultant Sarah Gillett, and Youth 4 Safety Representative Piper Allen journeyed from Watson Lake to Denver to receive the award.

What the judges said ...

  • "This initiative has importance to Canada as a whole and has clearly had a positive impact on the youth and community of Watson Lake ... the youth-centered approach has promise for changing how violence against women and girls is perceived, discussed and responded to ... through a culture change that is driven by youth who are still forming their ideas around healthy and non-violent relationship norms.

  • "The level of engagement was identified as inform the community at large (public), empower youth and collaborate on an interagency level."

-- Submission --

-- Watch the video here --

Respect for Diversity, Inclusion and Culture

Richmond School District #38 and Rockandel & Associates

"Our Schools, Our Students, Our Future -- Let's Talk"

David Sadler and Kathryn D'Angelo of SD 38

flank consultant Catherine Rockandel

What the judges said ...

  • “Internally, staff and Trustees were concerned about engaging the public due to past school closure experiences that were very emotional and caused fractured relationships ... the community is multi-culturally diverse with low levels of engagement due to multiple barriers including language, socio-economic diversity and low levels of trust for government agencies.”
  • "... tapped into all segments of the community impacted by the issue"
  • "Superintendents were engaged in the planning process and were briefed to communicate the process with external stakeholders in the community and education partners at schools.”
  • "An exemplary demonstration of the use of P2 ... values well implemented, insightful and impactful."

-- Submission --

-- Watch the video here --

Honourable Mention: Extending the Practice through Creativity, Contribution and Innovation in the Field

Calgary Board of Education "2016 Transportation Strategy"

Karen Drummond and Carrie Edwards, with Richard Delaney of Delaney + Associates

What the judges said ...

  • "... in addition to engaging broadly and extensively on the transportation strategy, the CBE concurrently developed, along with stakeholders, a robust engagement framework for the organization as a whole. The CBE has since implemented the framework, created an engagement unit at CBE, and conducted several other major engagement projects ... "
  • "This approach was taken in recognition that past attempts to make transportation changes created an distrustful relationship. The decision use an Advisory Committee was decided in order to rebuild trust. Evaluations indicate people felt heard."

-- Submission --

-- Watch the video here --

Our judges!

Julia Balabanowicz is a trained mediator, facilitator and P2 professional, with six years of experience in Ontario’s electricity sector. Julia is also a mediator with Peacebuilders, an organization that uses restorative peace building dialogues to help youth resolve conflict in their lives. Read more.

Susanna Haas Lyons is a civic engagement specialist. She designs participation strategies, facilitates complex meetings, and provides training for better conversations between decision-makers and those most impacted by an issue. susannahaaslyons.com Read more.

Core Values Awards Around the World

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