Why Join IAP2 Canada?

Membership in IAP2 Canada offers many benefits, but if you want an answer to the question: “Why should I join IAP2 – what’s in it for me?”, read what some members themselves have to say. If these convince you, click here to start the process of joining.

  • IAP2 offers a community of P2 practitioners and supporters with a common vision;
  • IAP2 is all about decision making and making the most of community input;
  • Be guided by IAP2 core values: promote integrity and robust decision making;
  • IAP2 Core Values will guide the decision making process and deliver sustainable results;
  • IAP2 will connect you with people who support good decision making processes;
  • IAP2 brings integrity to decision making process - build your reputation as a leader in P2practice;
  • Join a growing community of P2 practitioners and champions who share common values;
  • Demonstrate your values and commitment to good P2 practice, become an IAP2 member;
  • IAP2: values based and grounded in practical hands on processes;
  • IAP2 can keep bridge the gap between people and policy makers; Build confidence in how decisions are made;
  • IAP2: brings value for time, effort and money to the business of P2;
  • IAP2: we have the skills, knowledge, resources and best practice methods to assist your (water/planning/ policy/ education/health) projects to deliver sound results;
  • IAP2: a community of committed people from various parts of the world - building our experience and knowledge;
  • IAP2 involvement will strengthen the link between your project planning and community involvement - a better outcome for all;
  • IAP2 can help you integrate P2 into planning process and deliver a stronger more sustainable outcome;
  • IAP2 can help you to understand how the community can seriously add to the decision making process resulting in a more supported outcome.
Find out more about the membership benefits here.

You can join IAP2 Canada as an individual, student or in a group bundle in your place of work. Learn about the membership types here.


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