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Thank you to all our speakers, volunteers, committee members and co-chairs!

We have the pleasure to announce that our next North American Conference will be held virtually in early September 2021.

You can review the presentations and other materials below from the 2020 Virtual Conference (Sept. 8-11, 2020).


Opening Plenary 

The Future of P2 in Complex Times: Does our new normal present ’Mountains of Opportunity? with Dominique Ollivier - Présidente, Office de consultation publique de Montréal Dr. C.L. Bohannon - Director, Community Engagement Lab, Virginia Tech.


Wide and Fast: P2 for Vancouver’s Climate Emergency Response with Andrea Winkler, Amanda Mitchell

Partnerships are all about relationships: the path towards deeper engagement and community empowerment with Nathalie Filion, Marie-Pierre Parenteau, Tyrone Raddi

Planning for and Implementing Big Engagement with a Small Staff with Karlyn Tilley Margolis

Community vs. corporate priorities in P2: An impossible balancing act? with Carrie McIntosh

Sponsor Panel: Engaging amidst COVID-19: Online tools you need to engage, track and report with Ward Ferguson, Melissa Gustas, Matt Pesce, Tim Booker, Geordie Adams,



Beyond Inclusion: Eight Principles for Equitable Public Engagement with Elodie Jacquet, Nicole Armos, Grace Lee

Indigenous Engagement Bootcamp with Teneya Gwin, Michelle Fournie, Annie Korver, Anne Harding

Morning Sessions

Negotiation Skills for Public Participation Practitioners with Robyn Jacobsen

“Make sure everyone is happy at the end”: Face-palm inducing P2 goals and where to go from there with Brett Andronak, Neil Bailey, Natalie Geddes, Morgan Vespa

Artificially Interesting: The Perils of Competing for Public Attention with Kalin Schmoldt

Using Community Research and initiatives to Support P2 Goals: Tap water Promotion in Philadelphia with Hailey Stern, Maura Jarvis

Finding the missing middle: Lessons learned from a referendum interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic with Kristen Rodrigue, Brynn Perszon

Advisory Committees 2.0: Taking advisory groups to the next level with Maura Beaton, Richard Delaney

Afternoon Sessions

Adapting the IAP2 Spectrum for an Indigenous Context: Skills, Tools and Competencies for Engagement Practitioners with Jeff Cook, Paula Hay

Appreciative inquiry: empowering communities through collaborative infrastructure design with Darcy Vermeulen, Carrie McIntosh

I Got Engaged: A Participant’s Perspective with Erin Joslin

Bilingual P2? Mais oui! with Nicole O. Melanson

Building resilience: A reflection with John Poynton, Cathy Smith

Experience 5 unusual participatory techniques in 90 minutes / Faites l’expérience de 5 techniques participatives inhabituelles with Anne Harding, Kim Hyshka and Hugo Mimee

Indigenous Engagement – Aistowaípiiyaóp: Walking Together with Janine Sakatch, Harley Crowshoe

Equity and Inclusion as the New Normal with Dejana Knih, Dylan Jones, Lyndia Peters, Martin Kemp, Alla Guelber

Creative Solutions for Big Problems – Innovative Engagement for Mega Projects with Tim Holmes, Robyn Austin, Cheryl Tam

Building trust in the public arena through brave, honest conversations© with Stephani Roy McCallum



Under the engagement cover: Moving through failure, resilience and recovery with Geoff Wilson, Heather Thiessen, Stephani Roy McCallum, Mireille Brosseau

Morning Sessions

Soutenir l’engagement lors de longues consultations en 10 questions/10 Questions for Maintaining and Supporting Engagement during Long Consultation Processes with Anik Pouliot, Guy Grenier 

Session descriptionPrésentation PowerPoint (en français) • Session slides(English)

The Things Kids Say: Elevating Child/Youth Voices in Government

Sarah Huntley, Mara Mintzer

Session descriptionSession slides

So, we’ve declared a climate emergency… now what?

John Richardson, Ben West

Session description • Session slides

Civic Tech for Community Organizing

Christine Edwards

Session description • Session slides

Building a Better Future for Everyone Using Transgenerational Thinking Techniques

Sheila Shockey, Tyler Waldorf, Erin Dougherty

Session description • Session slide presentation

Middle Plenary

The Role of P2 in Challenging Racism: Taking Collective and Individual Action with Dr. Pam Palmater, Cicely Blain



From falling short to failing forward: Impact strategies for P2 with Michelle Bested, Elodie Jacquet

Digital Engagement with Anthea Brown, Stéphanie Beauregard (guest interviewees Matthew Cutler, Geoff Wilson, Wendy Heshka), Dave Biggs, Liz McHardy, Adam Smith

Morning Sessions

Experiential engagement: Creating more inclusive processes for City decision and policy making with Josh Fullan, Charity Dyke, Gabrielle Donoff

Participatory Budgeting to Promote Resiliency and Community Healing in Response to Ferguson with Paula M. Southerland, Michelle Mitchell

Planning for Failure in Public Involvement: A Community Critique with Nate Lash, Jeff Dietrich

Re-inventing Communication Approaches through Art, Design, and Superheroes with Maura Jarvis, Herbie Hickmott, Hailey Stern

From WTF to What next? Being a Trust Broker with Jeni Vlahovic

Closing Plenary

Using P2 to build a better future for everyone with Gay Robinson and Pam Kapoor (conference co-chairs), Catherine Rockandel (President, IAP2 Canada), Gwen Howard (President, IAP2 USA), Kylie Cochrane (Chair, IAP2 International) and Robyn Austin (Steering Committee Chair, 2021 IAP2 North American Conference - Seattle)

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