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The Story So Far

In 2017, IAP2 Canada set up its Training Committee, building on the work of the Training and Professional Development Task Force and the results of the 2016 Training Needs Assessment Survey. The Committee is comprised of volunteers, assisted by a staff member.

The Committee developed a national training strategy, which would encompass on-the-ground practical foundational training, as well as special-focus training, so practitioners could build skills and competency to become certified P2 professionals. The Committee also oversees delivery of the training.

The Committee will continue to meet throughout 2018 to implement the strategy; seven of the original nine members have renewed their commitment to the Committee.

What We Heard

We found that Canadian P2 practitioners want more training opportunities -- training that would be diverse, affordable, and accessible.

This training should also be available to non-practitioners: decision-makers, professionals such as project managers, and public and civil society organizations. It was felt that providing basic P2 knowledge and skills to these groups, raising awareness with them of the benefits of public engagement, would contribute to increasing the quality and quantity of future Canadian P2 initiatives.

What We're Doing

The first training event under the National Training Strategy was the 2018 Skills Symposium in Ottawa/Gatineau, offering advanced courses, as well as fundamental courses for those new to the field. The next Symposium will be held February 25 - March 1, 2019, also in Ottawa/Gatineau.

Another Training Committee initiative is the Taster series. These are 45-minute versions of existing, longer courses, offered in webinars exclusively to IAP2 members. These provide members with a "taste" of the longer course and an idea of how the trainer performs. Attendees can also offer feedback on the courses, and come away with two or three tools or techniques that they can put to work in their own practices. The Taster series is currently in a "pilot" phase, with the last of four courses being offered in February, 2019, after which the program will be evaluated.

If you have any ideas or a training-related topic you would like to see pursued, please contact Committee Chair, Mike Waters

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