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IAP2 Canada offers public participation training and professional development for diverse audiences, which includes our virtual courses and our Certification program. Over the past two years, IAP2 Canada expanded its training program so more than 20 courses are offered in English and French, in addition to IAP2's Foundations in Public Participation and Strategies for Dealing with Opposition and Outrage. View our Calendar of upcoming courses.

Level-based learning: To help you decide whether a course is right for you, we’ve organized them into three levels (see below). The level does not relate to your experience or expertise in public participation (P2), but to your experience in the particular topic. For example, a ten-year P2 veteran may have only heard about “systems thinking”, which is a Level 1 course, while someone else with only five years overall experience may be ready for an advanced course in facilitation. 

Our Certification Program is a professional designation available to IAP2 Canada members. IAP2 created the Certification Program (CP3 and MCP3) in response to requests for a professionalization of the field, and to create standards for public participation practitioners.

Learn more: FAQ - Training and technological requirements, Cancellation and Refund Policy.

      LEVEL 1An introduction to the topic for those who have little to no previous experience with it.

      Our LEVEL 1 courses: 

      Consult our Calendar of upcoming LEVEL 1 courses

      LEVEL 2 For those who are familiar with the topic and want to learn more.

      Our LEVEL 2 courses:

      Consult our Calendar of upcoming LEVEL 2 courses

      LEVEL 3A deep dive into the topic for those who already have experience in that area.

      Our LEVEL 3 courses:

      Consult our Calendar of upcoming LEVEL 3 courses

      PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION Certification proves, through independent assessment, that you have demonstrated the basic knowledge and skills required to perform the role of public participation (P2) professional.

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