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Help grow and strengthen IAP2 Canada and the practice of public participation. Join as a volunteer and broaden your network, inspire better decisions together, learn from others and share your expertise. IAP2 Canada volunteers are a fun, energetic and passionate team who are influencing the practice of P2.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, contact the Volunteer Coordinator. You can also see who is volunteering on our Volunteer List 2020. Current opportunities are highlighted as OPEN.

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IAP2 Canada Board of Directors

IAP2 Canada seeks a board composed of leaders committed to inspiring better decisions together, who reflect the diversity of thought, background and experience, and have an understanding of governance norms. You will also have significant experience in areas relevant to the IAP2 Canada’s Strategic Plan. - Open now, deadline May 6
Board Member Volunteer Description 2020 | Webpage

Community of Practice Energy Volunteer

As a CoP Energy member you will have an interest in P2 in the North American energy sector. You will be a part of a group who share experiences, challenges and opportunities related to meaningful energy sector engagement in Canada and the USA. OPEN to IAP2 Members only - ongoing.
CoP Energy Description 2019 | Webpage

Community of Practice Indigenous Engagement Volunteer

As a Community of Practice (CoP) member, you are part of a group who share experiences, challenges and opportunities related to meaningful Indigenous engagement in Canada. In addition to this, you may take a leadership role on specific deliverables from the IAP2 Canada Board to advance meaningful engagement with Indigenous Peoples in Canada.  OPEN to IAP2 Members only - ongoing.
CoP Indigenous Engagement Description 2019 | Webpage

Certification Task Force

The Certification Program is a professional designation available to IAP2 Canada members. This program was developed to ensure P2 practice standards were recognized around the world. As a Certification Task Force member, you will help review the certification program materials to ensure it is applicable for the Canadian practitioner. All positions are filled. 
Certification Task Force Volunteer Description 2019 | Webpage

Core Values Awards Judge

As a Core Value Awards judge you will review and collaborate with the other judges to decide which submission is to be awarded for their excellent works, and who goes on to compete at the international level.

The IAP2 Core Values Awards are another way to help raise the bar in the field of public engagement. 

Core Value Awards Volunteer Description 2020

Jury du Prix d’excellence en participation publique

En tant que membre du jury du Prix d’excellence en participation publique, vous aurez la chance d’analyser les dossiers de candidatures et collaborer avec les autres juges pour décider quels projets intègrent le mieux les valeurs essentielles de l’AIP2, et quel projet participera ensuite à la compétition au niveau international.

Les prix d’excellence en participation publique constituent un autre moyen de relever la barre dans le domaine de la P2.

Description de poste - juges 2020 (en anglais)

IAP2 International Board of Directors

IAP2 International is undergoing a change to organizational functions. Canada has two new international board members who are passionate about working on and supporting the strategic leadership and governance of the International organisation. Call for Nominations open in Fall 2020.
International Board Member Job Description 2019 | Webpage 

IAP2 2020 North American Conference

The Steering Committee helps to deliver a successful Conference in Banff, September 2020. The committee members oversee the conference planning, and identify subcommittees to assist in the delivery of the conference.
Sub committees include Sponsorship, Program and Fun Activities - Fall 2019. All positions are filled.
NAC 2020 Steering Committee Description 2019 | Webpage

Indigenous Awareness Learning Program

This learning program aims to develop a common foundation of understanding throughout IAP2 Canada about the history and experiences of our Indigenous Peoples.
As a volunteer learning partner, you have a level of comfort and experience in working with Indigenous people and communities that you are willing and able to share with IAP2 Canada leaders (national and chapter board members, committee members)
IALP Volunteer Description 2019 | Webpage

Marketing & Communications Committee

You will participate in the development and implementation of the annual IAP2 Canada marketing action plan that responds to IAP2 Canada organizational needs outlined in the Marketing Strategy Plan. The goal is to ensure IAP2 Canada’s communications are consistent, effective, timely and targeted to the interests and needs of its audiences. 
Marketing Communications Volunteer Description 2020

IAP2 Canada Mentorship Program

The IAP2 Canada Mentorship Program connects those new to the P2 profession (protégés) with experienced P2 practitioners (mentors), who provide a sounding board, advice and general wisdom on best practices and potential pitfalls.  

English Mentor Description & Application

English Protégés Description & Application

Programme de mentorat de l’AIP2 Canada

Le programme de mentorat de l’AIP2 Canada permet aux nouveaux membres de la profession (protégés) d’établir des liens avec des professionnels de la P2 expérimentés (mentors), ces derniers étant chargés de leur fournir des rétroactions pertinentes et des conseils ainsi que de leur transmettre leur sagesse et leur expérience quant aux pratiques exemplaires à adopter et aux pièges potentiels à éviter. 

Description du rôle de mentor bénévole et déclaration d’intérêt

Description du rôle de protégé bénévole et déclaration d’intérêt

Nomination & Elections Committee

As an IAP2 Canada Nomination & Elections Committee member, you will assist in the recruitment process of Board members in keeping with IAP2 Canada’s vision, mission, guiding principles and Bylaws. We are seeking two non-board members to join the Board Secretary on this Committee. Nomination & Election volunteer description & application. 

Nomination & Election volunteer description & application

Professional Development & Training Committee

Help position IAP2 Canada as a developer of P2 training resources by overseeing the creation and delivery of training products. As a committee member with demonstrated expertise in learning outcomes, you will assist with the development and implementation of new and current training products, i.e. the Taster Series, Skills Symposium. *All positions have been filled
PDTC member description & application 2020 | PDTC vice chair description & application 2020 | Webpage

Research Committee

With experience in research practice, you will help create access to public participation standards for effectiveness and evaluation, and define successful processes and outcomes for effective P2. Research Surveys include an Environmental Scan of research organizations and State of Public Practice in Canada. 
Research Volunteer Description 2020 | Research Chair Position Description 2020 | Webpage

Strategic Relationships Advisory Committee

The Strategic Relationships framework is about building mutually beneficial relationships with organizations external to IAP2 Canada.The Advisory Committee oversees the development and implementation of these relationships to respond to IAP2 Canada organizational needs. All positions are filled. 
Strategic Relationships Advisory Volunteer Description 2019

Youth Engagement Network

The work of this committee includes the development of the 2020 IAP2 Canada YEN Action Plan including outreach, building youth community of practice, identifying communications channels for reaching youth, and engaging youth in the 2020 IAP2 North American Conference. Volunteers are asked to commit to a one-year renewable term. Does this sound like you? - *All positions have been filled
YEN job description & application

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