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The IAP2 Canada Nominations Committee is seeking a member from Canada to fill a three-year position, beginning on January 1, 2022. To avoid jurisdictional conflicts of interest, it is intended that new Directors of the International Board will  not simultaneously be Directors of regional boards. 

IAP2 International Board of Directors Position Description

Criteria for Nomination

  • Nominees must be voting members of IAP2 and must reside in Canada.
  • Nominees must have suitable qualifications, skills and experience to discharge the functions of a Director.

Key Dates and information

  • October 14 - Call for International Nominees
  • through October 29 - Nominations close
  • November 4 - Election begins
  • November 19 - elections end
  • December - IAP2 International announces Board Directors


Learn what it is like to be an IAP2 International board director from previous Canadian Board Directors, just visit the 2019 webinar (see below).

Nomination Application

Nomination Application (self nominate) The nomination period is open through October 29, and any member in good standing may apply. 

Nominees - consider promoting yourself through a video! In addition to text from your nomination application, we are inviting you to send in a short video (1-2 minutes) to promote yourself for the IAP2 International Board. The video will be attached to the webpage and to the election ballot. You will submit the link through the nomination application.

Top 6 tips to make a great special election video:

  1. Take your video in an area with lots of natural light. That means taking your video outdoors on a cloudy, but not windy day OR in front of a window with your face towards the window. If the light coming in behind you is brighter than the light in front of you, it will look like an anonymous interview video.
  2. Make sure you're in a quiet area. The mic on your phone is meant to get sound from an area of about 3 ft from the mic. If it does not pick up a high enough volume from you it will grab other odd frequencies like wind blowing across the mic, birds, slamming doors, cats, etc. You'd be surprised by what pops up.
  3. Keep it short and sweet. You are allotted 1-2 minutes for your video, however most people will lose interest around the 30-second mark. Make those first 30 seconds count.
  4. Rehearse. It may seem odd, but practice does make progress. Having lots of "um's" and pauses increases the likelihood that people will click off your video never to return again.
  5. Video format. For the purposes of this project, please record yourself with your phone or camera on landscape or horizontal (like you're watching a youtube video). Your viewers will be navigated to youtube from the ballot and the webpage and both of these platforms experience higher levels of desktop traffic than mobile. Be desktop friendly.
  6. Use your front camera NOT your "selfie" camera. The camera that looks like a fish eye on the back of your phone is higher resolution which equates to a clearer video.

Next Steps

Election results - There is one position available for IAP2 Canada. If we get more than one application, there will be an online election.

Questions regarding this page or the nominations and elections process should be directed to Anita Wasiuta, at volunteer@iap2canada.ca.


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