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Nearly 400 participants from around the world! Sessions, workshops and field trips that made us think more deeply about the Public Participation practice and how to grow a “culture of P2”! The 2018 North American Conference brought fresh insights, in new and different ways, on the notion of “Growing a Culture of P2”. For those that were there and for those that couldn’t make it, check out the program and the Schedule-at-a-Glance. AND for your professional development we have now included the powerpoints and other materials, provided by the presenters, so please scroll down to learn more.

Among the Conference highlights:

Start making your plans to join us next year in Charlotte, North Carolina!

SAVE THE DATES: September 4 - 6, 2019.

2019 North American conference save the date

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Cities & P2
Sharon Will and City of Burlington staff; Jane Purvis and City of Edmonton staff; Ashley Trim, Executive Director, Pepperdine University Davenport Institute and Kit Cole, Principal and Owner, Kit Cole Consulting, LLC; Richard Delaney, President Delaney + Associates, Principal; Anne Carroll: Carroll, Franck & Associates
Session DescriptionSession Slides 1Session Slides 2Session Slides 3Session Slides 4

Beyond Indigenous Engagement: emerging practices for engagement, decolonizing decision-making processes, revitalizing culture, and strengthening relationships
Arlette Malcolm, Director Indigenous and Regional Engagement, Alberta Stakeholder Engagement at Alberta Energy Regulator (AER); Georgia Lloyd-Smith, staff lawyer at West Coast Environmental Law; Lindsay Borrows, staff lawyer at West Coast Environmental Law in Vancouver, B.C.; Marianne Alto, principal in Azimuth Research & Consulting; Maxine Matilpi, project manager for the RELAW Project; Scott Millar, project leader at Alberta Energy Regulator; Teneya Gwin, Director at Eleven Eleven Consulting
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Traffic Jam - Problem-Based Learning for Transportation Engagement Gridlock
Claudia Bilotto, Vice President of WSP in Atlanta; Inbar Kishoni, Deputy Director of Public Engagement in the Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs at the New York City Department of Transportation; Deanna Desedas Public Outreach and Engagement Manager for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency; Leah Jaramillo Vice-President of Somers-Jaramillo + Associates; Camden Yehle, Public Involvement Specialist at Brooks & Associates
Session DescriptionPOE Plan GuidePOE RequirementsPOE Plan TemplateNYC DOT Street Ambassadors 2018 Case StudyMARTA TOD Outreach - Overcoming Planning FatigueLeading Positive P2 Culture Change with the Implementation of Public Outreach & Engagement Requirements2018 Case Study UDOT

Thursday, September 6, 2018
Morning Sessions

P2 is a Team Sport: How Four Community Entities Joined Forces to Harness the Power of Dialogue
Jackie Nirenberg, Julie Smith, Celso Baez
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Commitment to Engagement: Evolving Expectations in the Energy Sector
Michael Benson, Technical Specialist, National Energy Board, Doug Ford, Communica, Terry Young, Vice President, Policy, Engagement and Innovation, Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), Dr. Kent Gustavson, Partner, ERM
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Prevent “Truth Decay”
Sam Imperati, and Devin Howington, PhD,
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Using Directed Storytelling and Journey Mapping For Deep Engagement
Peter Bromberg, and Stacee Adams
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Afternoon sessions

User Experience Design. What governments can learn from IKEA and Apple
Dave Meslin
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Public Engagement on critical public policy: Managing Ontario’s Anti-Racism consultation
Michael Benson, Technical Specialist, National Energy Board, Doug Ford, Communica, Terry Young, Vice President, Policy, Engagement and Innovation, Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), Dr. Kent Gustavson, Partner, ERM
Session DescriptionSession Slides

"Not Just Dragons": A model for inclusive engagement with communities of colour.

Miranda Eng, Senior Consultant at Context Research
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Community Empowerment through public participation process - Kenya
Caroline Ouko, Environmental Management Specialist, & Dr. Margaret Owuor, Environmental Scientist
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Strategies for Engaging Indigenous Communities
Spencer Lindsay Métis planner & Matthew Halverson, Project Manager II, City of Vancouver
Session DescriptionSession Slides

What’s Trust Got to do with It?
Amanda Kaiser, Manager of Community Engagement, Calgary Office, ISL Engineering & Land Services
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Stakeholder mapping is old school. Really? Back to the basics!
Hugo Mimee, Conseiller stratégique - Participation publique
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Changing the Conversation around School Closures
Kim Holowatuk, Supervisor Stakeholder Engagement and Support, Edmonton Public Schools
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Culture-Smart: Adapting Process to Place
Joel Mills, Senior Director, the American Institute of Architects’ Center for Communities by Design, & Erin Simmons, Senior Director of the American Institute of Architects’ Design Assistance programs
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Who cares about Kids? Detailed learning from a P2 case study in Wellington County
Rebecca Sutherns, CEO Sage Solutions, Luisa Artuso, Director of Children’s Early Years Division, Social Services, County of Wellington, Joseph Thornley, CEO Thornley Fallis and 76engage
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Inclusion and the Integration of Practice and Research in P2
Robin Prest, Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue, SFU, Shanthi Besso, Simon Fraser University, Jihad Melhem, Pivotal Research
Moderator: Dr. Sherry Campbell, Chair of the IAP2 Canada Research Committee
Session Description • Session Slides: This was a panel session with no slides

Dammed if we don’t - How Hydro project debate drove P2 innovation
Deborah Nobes, Manager, Special Projects, NB Power and Chrystiane Mallaley, Senior Director, NATIONAL Public Relations
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Relevant Voices: Including Vulnerable Populations in Public Engagement
Lani Brunn, Social and Community Planner, CitySpaces Consulting Ltd.
Session DescriptionSession Slides

IAP2 Core Values Awards Gala

Thursday night’s Core Values Awards Gala was more than just trophy presentations! Attendees were treated to a West Coast-style Artisans’ Market, featuring a diverse selection of local craftspeople! PLUS, music by roots performer Caleb Hart and the world-travelled Le-La-La Dancers, an Indigenous troupe from Northern Vancouver Island.

And there were the awards themselves: click here to see meet the winners!

Friday, September 7, 2018
Innovation Showcase
Morning Sessions

P2 Policy into Practice
Michelle Dwyer, Corporate Public Involvement Lead, Burlington, Katelyn McDougall, Public Engagement Coordinator, New Westminster, Dawn Green, Senior Advisor Public Engagement and Sarah Geisler, Recreation Analyst, Strathcona, Ruth Marland, Manager Community Relations, Mississauga, Kent Waugh, Community Engagement Specialist, Surrey, Amanda Mitchell, Public Engagement Specialist, Vancouver, and Jane Purvis, Public Engagement Advisor, Edmonton
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Go Beyond: Online engagement to increase reach, involvement, transparency and trust
Susanna Haas Lyons (session chair), Civic Participation Specialist, Joseph Thornley, CEO, 76engage, Jackie Nirenberg, Community Involvement Manager, CapMetro, Peter Bailey, Manager, Online Engagement, Metrolinx, Jas Darrah, Chief Strategist, Public Shift
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Engaging in Health Care - what sets us apart?
Belinda Boyd, Leader Community Engagement, Vancouver Coastal Health; Carol Fancott, Director of Patient and Citizen Engagement; Angela Morin, Patient Partner, Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement; Eddy Nason, Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit; Nancy Murphy Family Advisory Committee Member, British Columbia Centre on Substance Use; Katie Mai, Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator, British Columbia Centre on Substance Use
Moderator: Mark Weir;
Session DescriptionMorin Session SlidesNason Session SlidesMurphy/Mai Session SlidesBoyd/Fancott Session Slides

Navigating the Culture Wars through Thoughtful P2
Debra Duerr, Partner, John Godec, Partner, Wendy Green Lowe, Partner, Douglas Sarno, Partner - The Participation Company (TPC)
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Afternoon Sessions

Controversy, deliberation and consensus: Citizens advise Canada on energy policy
Katherine Babiarz, Director, Engagement Division, Natural Resources Canada; Robin Prest, Program Director, Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue; Sebastian Merz, Project Manager, Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue; Julie Bezard, Dialogue and Engagement Convenor, Civic Engage, Simon Fraser University’s Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Youth Shaping Cities: Growing a Culture of civic youth engagement
Tesicca Truong & Veronika Bylicki, Co-Founders and Co-Directors of CityHive
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Create Communications and P2 Roadmaps
Lara Tierney, Engagement Consultant & Kirsty Neill, Engagement Consultant, On Point Consultation
Session DescriptionSession Slides

How a comprehensive communications plan and process puts your public engagement plan over the top
Wade Wilson, Partner, Marcomm Works
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Indigenous Empowerment and Community Planning: Implementing the IAP2 Spectrum
Jeff Cook, President, & Paula Hay, Beringia Community Planning, Inc.
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Engaging the rumour mill: Strategies for working with close-knit communities
Carrie McIntosh, Manager, Engagement BC Ferries
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Are we to blame? Analyzing criticisms of our outreach process
Natalia Hentschel, Public Participation and Community Engagement Specialist, Facilitator, Emily Michaelson, Public Participation and Strategic Communication Specialist, Katz & Associates
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Into the weeds - Analyzing Feedback on B.C. Cannabis Regulation
Dominic Seiterle, Engagement Specialist, Measurement and Analysis, Province of B.C.
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Virtual Reality: The Digital Frontier of Engagement
Morgan Boyco Planner and Engagement Specialist, Paolo Mazza GIS and 3D Visualization Specialist, Dillon Consulting
Session DescriptionSession Slides

Whale Watching

After a wonderful Conference, IAP2 takes took to the seas with fellow p2-ers from around the globe! We saw all sorts of marine life from Killer Whales (Orcas) to California Seals and more. Check out some of the highlights!

2018 Sponsors

Foundational Sponsor demonstrates the highest level of commitment to cultivating innovation, creativity, and quality P2 processes. 

Commanditaire de premier plan démontre le plus haut niveau d’engagement en vue de cultiver des processus de P2 innovants, créatifs et de haute qualité. 

The Capital of British Columbia

Embrace the Future. Build on the Past.

On the southern tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria is a community of choice for its temperate climate, natural beauty, recreational sites and economic opportunities. Millions visit the city every year and enjoy the natural beauty, temperate climate and heritage charm Victoria offers its citizens every day.

There is a wealth of natural and man-made riches, including stunning heritage architecture, ocean views and mountain vistas. In fact, the beauty of the world-renowned Butchart Gardens provided inspiration for the 2018 IAP2 North American Conference theme: "Growing a culture of p2".

We hope you find their rare juxtaposition of heritage charm, scenic backdrop and modern city-scape as inspiring and refreshing as we do.

Learn More!

Capitale de la Colombie-Britannique

Tournée vers l’avenir. Riche de son histoire.

Située à la pointe sud de l’île de Vancouver, la ville de Victoria est une communauté de choix avec son climat tempéré, sa beauté naturelle, ses sites récréatifs et ses nombreuses possibilités économiques. Chaque année, des millions de visiteurs viennent admirer la beauté des paysages et profiter de la température clémente et du charme historique qu’offre la ville de Victoria.

Riche de trésors naturels et façonnés par l’homme, Victoria possède un patrimoine architectural hors du commun ainsi que des vues panoramiques sur l’océan et les montagnes. C’est d’ailleurs la beauté des Jardins Butchart réputés dans le monde entier, a inspiré le thème de la Conférence nord-américaine 2018 de l’AIP2 : « Propager une culture de la P2 ».

Nous espérons que vous trouverez tout aussi inspirante et rafraîchissante que nous la juxtaposition unique du charme patrimonial, de la beauté de la nature et de la modernité que propose la ville de Victoria.

Plus de détails!

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Core Values Awards Gala Sponsor  

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