IAP2 Federation & Affiliate Roles and Responsibilities Review
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the current roles and responsibilities and what changes are being proposed?

    To answer this question some information about the current structure of the Federation Model is 

    The Federation Board is made up of representatives from the 6 Affiliate Boards – Australasia, Canada, 
    Indonesia, Italy, Southern Africa and United States of America. Individual membership is with each of these Affiliates and an agreement is signed with the Federation Board outlining requirements to be formally recognised as an Affiliate. Three training products are currently administered and managed by the Federation Board – Foundations in P2; Emotion, Outrage in P2 and P2 for Decision Makers. The Federation Board also coordinates the train the trainer (T3) program for the delivery of these training programs, manages all licensed Trainers and administers Trainers’ licenses and the collection of license fees for the delivery of each training product.

    The Affiliate Boards promote these training products, build membership and facilitate networking and 
    professional development opportunities in response to the needs of their members.

  2. Why is IAP2 suggesting changes to the ‘roles and responsibilities’ for the Federation Board and the Affiliate Boards?

    To be a world leader in public participation requires enabling and supporting local initiatives to build up to a global presence. Devolvement of responsibilities to local Affiliates to enable and support activities to advance the practice of P2 will have the potential to grow membership, increase professional development opportunities and build IAP2 brand recognition and credibility across the world.

  3. What do these changed 'roles and responsibilities' mean for me as a member?

    Improved ability for your Affiliate to respond to changing member needs; opportunity to diversify 
    income streams for the both the Federation and Affiliate Boards leading to financial sustainability and potential increased benefits back to members such as additional professional development opportunities.

  4. How long will this take?

    A transition plan will be put in place following engagement with the membership – the timing will be dependent on the level of changes agreed to by the Federation Board, but ideally 12-18 months. It is important to remember that many members volunteer their time to work through these initiatives hence the longer time period.

  5. What happens if we don't make these changes?

    Our ability to advance the practice globally will be limited and the long term financial viability of IAP2 uncertain with a limited income stream and no opportunity to develop new products to meet member requirements.

  6. What happens with the Australasia Training Products?

    These will be part of the suite of IAP2 products offered and could be utilised by other Affiliates.

  7. What happens when an Affiliate develops / buys a new training product that they wish to market under the IAP2 brand?

    Early thinking is that a decision making process be developed in partnership with Affiliates to ensure a 
    consistent, transparent and fair process to increase the suite of IAP2 products is offered in response to member requirements. Affiliates will first asses the suitability of new product against a set of criteria and provide a report to the Federation Board seeking agreement for use of the IAP2 brand in the delivery of the product. More specific details will be considered following the outcome of the member engagement process on the broader changes

  8. Is there enough engagement on this initiative?

    Probably like all engagement processes the answer to this question depends on who you speak to. 
    Affiliates have flexibility to decide the level with which they wish to engage their members on different aspects of the proposed changes. However the Federation Board are keen to set some guidelines for Affiliates to ensure equal opportunity for all members to contribute.

  9. How does IAP2 Federation Board make this decision - by vote, by consensus, or some other way?

    The importance of this decision with regards the future of IAP2 would suggest that a consensus 
    decision by the Board is the best outcome. However to reach this consensus different aspects of the agreed transition plan may be considered and determined independently where some may require additional details or member engagement

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