IAP2 Federation Model Review – Your Input is Needed!

When the IAP2 Federation of Affiliates model was established in 2011, members agreed to a 10-year implementation timeline. As we approach the 5-year point in our new governance model, it is time for a review to determine if any adjustments are needed to ensure organizational sustainability.

The IAP2 Federation is seeking input and advice from members on the appropriate roles and responsibilities for the Federation and the Affiliates/Chapters as we continue to move forward and grow our organization together. A survey has been prepared for IAP2 Canada members: please click here to take part.

You will find full background here and some Frequently Asked Questions here.

A recording of the special webinar on the IAP2 Federation Model Review – Refinement of Roles, Responsibilities and Funding Model is now available for your review. Please click here for access. (Note that, due to a technical difficulty, only the first 45 minutes were recorded.) You may also read questions and answers from that webinar here.

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