Welcome to IAP2 Canada’s 2015-2017 Strategic Plan!

This living document was created through consultation with our members, chapters, and other stakeholders in 2014 and was approved by our board of directors in December 2014. At IAP2 Canada, we strive to advance the practice of meaningful public engagement across our country. We do this in four important ways:
  • Protecting the interests and credibility of the practice
  • Acting as a connector that builds partnerships and promotes collaboration
  • Being a source and developer of knowledge and resource; and
  • Being a strong, supportive and sustainable organization.
Throughout the plan, you will see specific actions that our board plans to take to work toward these outcomes over the next three years. Please note that the Plan is a living document and will be updated on a quarterly basis. The actions may change over the three years as board members, human and financial resources, and information come and go; but these four outcomes will continue to guide the board in its planning and decision-making.

Thank you for your interest in the plan and for the work you do to advance the practice of meaningful public engagement in your region, across Canada, and around the world! We sincerely hope that you will see your interests and passion reflected in this Strategic Plan and that you will join us in making it a reality. If you have any questions, comments, or interest in how to get involved, please drop us a line at info@iap2canada.ca.

All the best,

Anne Harding

President, IAP2 Canada 2013-2015

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