Training Committee Launches in 2017

The Story So Far

In 2016, several dedicated IAP2 Canada members began the process to develop a national training strategy. The strategy would encompass on-the-ground practical foundational training, as well as special-focus training so practitioners could build skills and competency to become certified P2 professionals. complete the recently developed P2 certification process.

This led to the formation of the Training and Development Task Force, which researched training needs across the country, using semi-structured interviews with 20 engagement experts across Canada, a survey open to IAP2 Canada members and friends, and an environmental scan of the training currently available. 

What We Heard

We found that Canadian P2 practitioners want more training opportunities -- training that would be diverse, affordable, and accessible.

This training should also be available to non-practitioners: decision-makers, professionals such as project managers, and public and civil society organizations. It was felt that providing basic P2 knowledge and skills to this sector and raising awareness with them of the benefits of public engagement, would contribute to increasing the quality and quantity of future Canadian P2 initiatives. 

What We're Doing

The IAP2 Canada Training Committee is now looking to you -- our members and friends -- to go to the next step in creating a three-year training plan, and on-going development and pilot delivery of new P2 training. A brief survey has been created, looking for input on the Committee's work so far. You can take the survey here -- the survey is open until September 25.

Watch this space -- and the IAP2 Canada Newsletters -- for more information.

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