2015 IAP2 Canada Core Values Awards


What are the IAP2 Core Values Awards?

The IAP2 Core Values Awards are another way to help raise the bar in the field of public engagement: a friendly competition to encourage new approaches and innovative uses of existing ones. Each year, IAP2 affiliates around the world recognize leaders in the profession and in 2014, IAP2 Canada presented its own Core Values Awards.

The awards go to projects, organizations and research which best demonstrates IAP2's Core Values and P2 professionals can learn from one another and be inspired to keep raising their own standards.
Core Values Awards Around the World

Check out the IAP2 Federation's latest Core Values Awards Showcase, which contains eligible submissions to the Core Values Awards from other IAP2 Affiliates in 2015. The Report is there to help share information and ideas and encourage more CVA submissions.

2015 IAP2 Canada Core Values Award Winners


Beringia Community Planning, Pikangikum Health Authority, Pikangikum (Ont.) First Nation – “Working It Out Together”

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What the judges said: 

"... an incredible example of the power of a strength-based approach to working with people and communities."

"... effectively demonstrates culturally appropriate and inclusive process with an indigenous community."


City of Victoria, BC – “Foundation for Success”

“Traditional and new approaches were tested to appeal to a wide variety of stakeholders to ensure their participation was well informed and convenient for them.”

“… demonstrates the shift from an organization with zero emphasis on P2 and a low trust rate among its citizens to one that is committed to internal and external integration of P2. One could infer from the requirement to have each project … outlining the P2 strategy that the decision-making has also shifted and improved.”

(Honourable Mention) City of Vancouver – “Engaged City”

“[The task force identified, intuitively and through hard data, that] it’s hard to make friends in Vancouver … this not only impacts enjoyment of place, but also extends to a direct impact on residents engagement with local government.”

“The Task Force’s final report is publicly accessible and it includes all of the recommendations that resulted from task force activity.”


Hawkwood Community Association (Calgary) & Forum Stakeholder Relations – “Our Hawkwood”

 “… exceptionally well designed project, with clear results and intention to have ongoing engagement.”

“ … effectively demonstrated ways in which P2 can be designed and implements with limited resourcing and result in positive community building and relations.”


City of Calgary – “Action Plan 2015 – 2018”

… the combination of online engagement, planned face-to-face engagement and going to where people gathered (e.g. community events) to gather input [demonstrated Core Value #4 (seeking out involvement from people affected by a decision)]”

“Results [were] integrated into Council and Administration decision-making processes.”

(Honourable Mention) City of Edmonton – “What the B*ke is Going On?”

“Reached out to pre-existing associations of people who would be affected, leveraging that community infrastructure … met people where they were already spending their time – farmers’ markets and kitchen table meetings with homeowners.”

“… went out to the people instead of relying on people to come to the project.”

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Our judges!

Julia Balabanowicz is a trained mediator, facilitator and P2 professional, with six years of experience in Ontario’s electricity sector. Julia is also a mediator with Peacebuilders, an organization that uses restorative peace building dialogues to help youth resolve conflict in their lives.  Read more.

Maria deBruijn founded Emerge Solutions in 2010, where she designs and facilitates engagement processes for organizations in private, public and not for profit sectors. Prior to that, she spent 10 years in progressively senior civil service positions. Read more.

Susanna Haas-Lyons has worked on some of North America’s largest and most complex citizen engagement projects, including electoral reform in British Columbia, rebuilding post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans and electronic health records for the US federal government. Read more.

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